Catalog vs pricelist

Normally a catalog is the same as a price-list. Just  more pictures and info. You choose something from the catalog, write down the SKU and purchase it.

That’s now distribution works.

However, online the prices could be much flexible. Price is, at the end,  an instrument of marketing and online you can feel it’s power..

There are 3 products in our retail catalogue, but there are 36 differen SKU and different prices (actually even more, there is some differences in taxes for the customers in different countries).

All out-of-box e-shops I’ve seen presume standard distribution model. One product – one SKU – one price. In all those cases you have to build something on top of it in order to support flexible pricing. In most cases it means – creating more and more SKUs, but it would be nice to have a separate subsystems for catalog and pricing.

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