Barracuda spam filters make me sick

Following my old post about the war of antispam v.s. e-mails.

One and a half years later, it looks like the situation is somewhat improved. Almost all the spam-filters know when to block a Viagra sale and when to pass an invitation to a business meeting. The only exception, at least for me, is still the companies, using Barracuda-powered appliances.

Dear Barraduca engineers, yes, in 21st century the following situations are common:

  • Several companies could hide behind one ADSL ip-address
  • Microsoft Outlook could send automatic meeting requests, which do look a bit formal
  • management of DNS-records is available virtually to everybody, so some people could forget some of MAY and SHOULD causes in SMTP RFC
  • CRMs tend to send emails, that’s what they’re for!

Well, actually Barracuda is not the worst case, if you kneel in front of it’s robots, it allows you to send some e-mail.

But availability of open-source solution allows small companies to attempt to provide e-mail filtering services with the help of ubuntu, phostfix, ip-tables and a bit of perl-scripting. One Israeli company is offering such services of a modest price all around the world. As an additional feature, they send non-deliverable notifications from different address and with different format. Which prevents some of mailing software (Microsoft Exchange 2007 in this situation) to detect loops.

As a result I know now how an inbox with 500.000 unread email looks like. And how to delete all those e-mails.

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