To patch or not to patch

You always have to patch!

Even if you finally insert a disk with Heavy Rain and get a message, that a patch of 1.1 gigabyte is available. How many bugs have they made if they need more that a gigabyte patch!! (yes, I know, they have added support of Move, it was a joke!)

The day before yesterday I’ve spend several hours trying to understand why PS3 Media server doesn’t want to fastforward and jump to chapters in the movies. After trying every┬ápossible combination of parameters and checking all possible log files I went to the developer website and found out they do have a new version available. And it helped immediately.

Yesterday one of Kaspersky sites was hacked a little bit. No hackers officially disclosure what exactly was done, so we don’t know for sure. But I’m almost positive somebody has’t patched something.

So the answer is – if you see a problem, first look if it’s already solved by the owners

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