CMSes: WYSIWYG vs HTML-editor

The whole range of available Content Management Systems (CMSes) could be spread between two different poles:

  • CMSes with  WYSIWYG-editor
  • CMSes with just simple HTML-editors.

This division mostly defines how flexible you are in the updates of your content. Free CMSes like Joomla mostly just handle header, footer and menu system and let you anything you want in the content. You have to know some HTML in order to publish in this type of CMS. When I was talking about 3 steps of website management I meant exactly this one.

Most corporate CMSes as well as systems, specifically made for some content, like phpbb (forum engine) or wordpress (blog engine) take care about everything. You just need to enter plain text and pictures and the CMS will do everything for you. It sounds better, then the first type, but be careful! You have to have a strictly defined design, full functioning content department with strict policies and special team of web-developers, doing technical updates to this CMS. If you are talking about start-up, it’s Utopian to think you will be able to use WYSIWYG-style CMS.

Well, if you’re having a website building start-up, then yes, this may be the best solution.

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