Speed Reading

A couple of months ago I got a training in speed reading. Surprisingly It was quite hard (much harder then speed typing)

There are a number of courses available via the Internet. Most of them start with promising “incredible increase of the reading pace”. They talk about 2000-3000, sometimes even 10000 words per minute.

I’ve got one, called EyeQ Bin-n-Cue (I’m not sure this product even exist anymore).

After a couple of weeks I’ve reached ¬†800 words per minute. And then stuck. Another 3 weeks and I was still at the same speed. ¬†Something was wrong. Every time I’ve tried to read faster, I’ve started to skip words or the whole sentences and lost the meaning of the whole text.

Well, after some research in the same Internet I found that for average person 800 wpm is the actual limit of reading speed with comprehensing. Any course, which claims to give you more is not very honest.

Anyway, did it actually increase my reading speed in general? I think so, although not very sure. I don’t read much books anymore, but mostly listen to them in the car.

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