Duma key

Duma key is one of the latest horror novels by Stephen King.  I liked old Stephen King of 80s –  Salem’s lot, Pet Cemetery and others are the best examples of smart honest horror novels.

Normally tt’s very easy to scary your by using typical strong images: just cut a limb from a child or a lover – and that’s it! Problem solved, everybody is scared and disgusted. Cheap and effective, like  Saw movies.

But sometimes a writer builds a sophisticated scene from normal day-to-day events and objects and makes you realize how scary it could become. That’s what I called “honest” in this context. Duma Key is definitely very honest and very scary.

Additionally there is a known fact – the best books are those, where the author describes himself and his own life. Stephen King, like the character of the book, suffered a body-crushing car accident and long recovery. And he’s a talented writer.

Injury, disability and pain combined with creativity could create monsters. That’s what this book is about. A typical down-to-earth businessmen Edgar Freemantle is in huge pain after a construction accident, which cost him his arm and some parts of his personality. But he receives a gift instead – he starts to paint beautiful pictures. However, it looks like the power was not for free and somebody is going to claim the price.

The book is long but it’s absolutely impossible to stop reading when you start.

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