The role of e-commerce in your business

The more I think on the subject, the more I come to the same thought. e-commerce doesn’t exist as a separate discipline.

Basically it’s just one of the parts of process called “sales” or even more abstract “business”.

If I’d try to describe, what e-commerce do for your business it would be: ” improving the information flow from you to your customers”. Keyword is “improving”, which means that the idea of the information flow must not come from the online sales department itself.

e-commerce is just a tool for selling your product. The same as “marketing”. Of course, there are some specific skills, technologies and methods you need to master (actually there is quite a lot because the industry is quite new). But the choise in application of those methods depends really on your product.

If you’re selling tea and want e-commerce to help you, first you need to define what do you want to say to your customer. And only then e-commerce could help you with delivering this information to as many people as possible in different ways.

The next logical step would be to figure out a correct way to position an e-commerce oriented company. You can not expect that an e-commerce company whold sell your tea better then you would. They’re not specialists in tea. So e-commerce as a service must either be incorporated in your business or be a part of a VAP – Value Added Partner (reseller or distributor). There should be no pure e-commerce oriented businesses.

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