New project: Antivirus Direct

I’ve spend the last 4 years working for different antivirus vendors (Kaspersky and Trustport) helping consumers to buy and renew their antiviruses online.

The online sales industry of antiviruses is a bit strange. Vendors are still mostly oriented on retail market (well, they’ve build their empires based on brick-and-mortar retail sales). And online shops are basically copies of their retail ones.

But the Internet could give so much more both to vendors and to consumers, then just a virtual shelf.

As a tribute to all the time I’ve spend on antivirus industry I’ve started an information project Antivirus Direct. What are the goals of this project:


  • To gather, analyze and visualize information about online sales of antivirus products
  • To give customers a piece of mind about what exactly they’re buying and how exactly they’re making their choice
  • (may be) to save some money to the customers


Currently I’ve found 53 active antivirus vendors with consumer e-shops,  12 vendors without normal e-shop online and numerous amounts of fake-antivirus brands.

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