Antivirus Direct – Information overload

When I  started the first version of , I tried to represent the data in the minimalistic way. The less steps user needs to perform to get all the information, required for the analysis  – the better.

One page per product sounded like a good idea. Well, I didn’t think there are so many antivirus vendors and their price-lists are so versatile.

This resulted in a table of 60×50 cells, containing numbers and > 600 URLs. It was neither minimalistic nor very smart.

Additionally Google and Bing robots simply were chocking during attempts of index those huge pages. So for 4 days there were zero presentation of my site in the search engines.

So I’ve split the long pages to several categories, like “Antivirus 1 year 1 PC” or “Total Protection  3 year 10 PC” and resubmitted the sitemap to Google and Bing.

Let’s see if it improves the SEO traffic

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