How to get free antivirus software for 50 months

All antivirus software companies provide their solutions for free – absolutely legally, and they’re happy to do it. Sometimes they even pay affiliates to promote their free products. And the products work without any limitations. Just not for very long. For one or three months, sure. It’s called a trial.

I’m sorry, I don’t know where to download a free Norton license for 4 years. If you’re upset about this article, you can stop reading. Because I’m going to talk about downloading trial software.

Normally when you download and install a trial, you can only use it once and for one month only (typically). Then the product stops working and you have to buy a full version or uninstall it. But nobody said anything about products from the competition!
I’ve collected and found 49 real antivirus software vendors who are giving trials for free from their websites – some of them for more than 1 month, so this approach could sum up to 4 years of absolutely free and legal protection.

Of course, you have to view this proposal with a certain level of humor. It’s not very convenient to change your antivirus protection once per month. But if it’s a temporary computer with some old expired antivirus software and you have to use it for a short period of time, why not choose another one from this list?

I’ve split all the products to several categories, based on how easy it is to download a trial. Some of the vendors just give you a link. Others ask for an email address, or even for a credit card (not very consumer friendly, if you ask me).

List of antivirus vendors, who provide direct link to a free trials, no questions asked:

Antivirus vendors, who ask you to register youself with email address and some other information. Generaly antivirus companies don’t send excessive spam.

Antivirus vendors, who ask you to provide a credit card in order to download a free trial. If you cancell the trial within 30 days, your credit card will not be charged.

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