Projects update

Hello again to all the readers of my blog!

I understand completely, there are not so many people who keep checking a blog, which had no posts for  more than a year.

Well, there are 5 RSS subscribers according to  Feedburner. And of course occasional visitors, who search for “Horus Herecy” or “role of e-commerce in business

So, what happened in the last year and a half? Antivirus direct was an interesting project (failed ones are the most interesting, of course). I really hate to leave it in the current state. Product links and prices keep getting obsolete and I don’t have any incentive to update it. So, I am going to close this project, and copy all interesting information (articles about Anti-Virus industry, some statistics and observations) here.

IZITEQ is by far the most interesting and ambitious idea I have ever been a part of. I had a lot of fun forming new ideas and implementing them. I also got some  experience working in museum community in the USA.

It is time to revive this blog a little!

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