Anti-virus Websites, 1.5 years later

Not much has changed in the last year and a half on the anti-virus landscape. The big vendors are still here. Almost all of the 50+ small anti-virus vendors are also active. I could not believe that a commodity market like personal anti-virus software can have so much space for competition. Apparently customer loyalty plays a great role here.

I think only Returnil  stopped their activities and Computer Associates left the AV market. There are a couple of new Chinese players and the rest are still on the same positions.


In 2012 anti-virus vendors gained a lot of presence on Facebook. If in the beginning of 2011 the biggest number of likes ( about 500K) belonged to Mcaffee, now in November 2012 many of the top vendors have millions of “likes”. I really wish to have a look at the ROI of their social campaigns.

Big magazines about anti-viruses

The sections about anti-virus products on the most important IT online magazines (PC Mag, CNet, Consumer Search) still exist, but they have not been updated sins the beginning of the year. The topic doesn’t sound too hot. Looks like  they are publishing some reviews just once per year, as vendors release new versions of their products.

Sites about anti-viruses

Last year I found about 20 sites, dedicated to anti-virus software. About half of them are still alive, but they are not updated very often. I have a suspicion, they are just SEO-tools, and not really sources of information. I will not even bother posting links, you can find them in google by keywords “anti-virus review”

Blogs about anti-viruses

There are no more blogs about “anti-viruses”. Blogs about general IT security and hacks still exist, of course. It is an interesting niche topic, here are the examples of those, who post regularly:


I look at all those websites mostly from perspective of online marketing. Has somebody tried to play on the mutimillion market of anti-virus software? So far I don’t see any independent parties, who’s earning any money there. Only vendors themselves with many different online activities.

This most probably has to do with the peculiar nature of this business. Despite on the fact, that people pay online for their anti-virus software, it is not an “online industry”. People don’t research the products online and don’t make buying decisions online. They have already made their choices elsewhere.

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