MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) became very popular in 2012. Simple video courses existed already  for a very long time, but nowadays you can find sophisticated online services with auto-grading, peer review and team collaboration tools.

The most advanced free system (in my opinion) is Coursera . There is a number of very interesting courses, presented by US college professors.

The only shortcoming is a strange delay in their automatic mailings. I simply can not understand why it could take a week to send an email. For example Oct, 12 was the deadline on the final exam of “Gamification”. So if I understand correctly, at that moment the results and grades for all students were already on the server. However the certificates were issues only on Oct, 23 and I receive it per email only on Nov, 1. Otherwise – the course is really great. I enjoyed the pragmatic approach, which the professor took to this new and fancy discipline.

Here are some other courses, which I personally tried and found very interesting:

  • Software Engineering for SaaS – by far the most interesting course I took.  Ruby on Rails, Test Driven Development, a lot of modern development theory and hands-on programming exercises.
  • Web Intelligence and Big Data – very advanced (for me) course on the development of modern web AI.
  • Model Thinking – a course on why concepts and models are important and how to use them to solve real life problems.
  •  Introduction to Databases – a fundamental course on different methods on storing and retrieving data. Many of the subjects I already covered in university, but this course let me systematize my knowledge and set a right perspective.
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