First FTP test

Finally, 2 months late I’m done with all bike improvements for this offseason period:

  • aerobars are installed
  • bike is re-fitted for the aero position
  • power meter is installed

I found out that it is very hard to improve a 20-years old bike.  The fitter was not able to find a proper stem that fits my fork and bars. So the aerobar pads are 4cm higher than they could be. But OK, I guess I’ll have a smooth transition to aero during 2016 season. I ended up with a pedal-based power meter (Powertap P1) partially for the same reason. Crank-based meters were not compatible with my current drive train.

In any case today I rode with a power meter for a first time in my life. It was a 1-hour indoor trainer ride, an FTP-test following up Joe Friel’s recommendation. I did not look at Power or HRM readings during the test and tried to do it by feel.

The results were a bit strange. Both power and HRwere  increasing steadily during the whole 20 min test (from 35 till 55 min of the workout). I know that my trainer – CycleOps Fluid2 is supposed to increase the wattage with temperature, but it looks very strange.


link to the Garmin Connect activity

Well, I need to do more rides and see if the result will be the same. If we do take this measurement seriously, my FTP is 186W


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