Second attempt to run 9 miles in one hour

This was one of the pre-Thanksgiving workouts. Supposed to be a post-Thanksgiving one, but I actually ran it in the morning of November, 26. This time I tried to do 9 miles in one hour on rolling hills in New Jersey and those hills killed me! It was much tougher that I though it would be, even thought the elevation gain was just 233ft for 7 miles.

I didn’t have my heart rate monitor on me, but it felt like I maxed out the last half mile.  I had to stop after 46:15 min, not quite 80% of the workout. But at least I kept the average pace around 6:40min/mile. so I can count it as a tempo run.

Funny thing is: the elevation profile looks the most dramatic in Training Peaks.

Here is the screenshot from Garmin Connect


Here is the same run from Strava


And this is TrainingPeaks





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