Fall 2015 training cycle

Last summer I planned to squeeze another marathon training cycle between September and December 2015, but changed my mind at the end. There are many different basic things I wanted to improve before starting 3 full cycles in 2016. These are the areas I focused on:

Learning how to ride with power on aerobars.

It took much longer than anticipated to purchase and install all equipment on the bike. When it was ready I had a chance just for one outdoor ride. Plus five indoor sessions on the trainer. Aerobars feel comfortable. Riding with power feels weird. CycleOps Fluid2 probably not the best choice for indoor intervals based on power. But  I will try to continue riding indoors once a week during the winter marathon training.

Improving freestyle technique

I went through a 6 lessons course “Efficient Freestyle” at MIT. It was useful, but 6 weeks is not enough to improve swimming form. Fortunately our current masters program coach gives us some advice. He even shoots videos of us sometimes and points to our mistakes. Again, during the winter I am going to spend two times per week in the pool. Before the next HIM cycle I don’t even have to work on the speed or endurance. Just easy swims in 4th lane, thinking about the technique.

Ramping up running mileage to 50 miles/week

Next week, December, 14 starts the 18-weeks marathon training cycle. I have selected Pfitzinger 18/70 as a basis for my training. Mostly because I like long runs and I like to run every day. The first week of the training starts with 54 miles, so I had to be ready for it. Between September and December my program resembled Pfitz, but the long runs were shorter and there were 3 half-marathon races in the middle. I am very happy with the result, especially with 1:24:06 HIM at the end.


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