First signs of overtraining

The last couple of weeks I felt a little bit less motivated than usual. Work was hard and a bit stressful. I even had reservations before going to workouts. Was is just stress or signs of true overtraining? Let’s look at other parameters:

  • training performance: High. I had a very nice tempo intervals workout 2×2 miles with average pace 6:12/mile last week. Medium-long runs 11-15 miles are also good, I’m finishing them close to my target marathon pace
  • sleep: OK A bit disturbed, but I almost always wake up before the alarm
  • Weight: OK, keeping around 155-156 (race target 150, but I still have time to drop it slowly)
  • HRV: OK, but showing decline last week


So looks like the problems are mostly mental. But still worth dialing down a bit on the training. This should happen anyway because the week is not very hard. Just one really intense workout on Monday (9 miles with 4 miles tempo pace in the middle).

Next week will be a short week before a long vacation.

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