Long corse

The main MIT Swimming pool switched from 25 yards to 50 meters for the winter. I have no idea why, it’s just their thing. It is always a bit depressing to see your pace drop down from 1:35 for 100 SCY (short course yards) to 1:50 for 100 LCM (long course meters). But it will come back when we switch to 25 yards again.

The coach gives us more longer and slower workouts, like 5×500 free this morning on 9:00. With 2×50 rest in between, which brings the main set to 2900 meters. Of course we didn’t have time to finish all of it. I did 3 rounds out of 5 and had to go home.

Usually I go to and from the swimming pool by a Hubway bike and it takes ~8 minutes. Almost all Boston Hubway stations are closed for the winter and I have to run 1.8 miles instead. It is actually my running rest day, so the running is embarrassingly slow, 8:30-8:50 per mile. I will be skipping the real 5 miles recovery run in the evening just because of this 2×1.8 miles in the morning.

May be later in the winter I will just drive to the pool in the morning and have the full 5-6 mile rest run in the evening. We will see how the training goes.


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