Miami SoBe run

Last Saturday I checked off one more “iconic” US run from my list. Actually I’m not sure it is iconic, I made it up myself. In any case, if you’re building the list of places to run,  Miami South Beach promenade should be on it.

It was the first official long run during this marathon training cycle. 16 miles with 8 miles marathon pace in the middle. Even in December at 6:15 am, it was hot and humid. It was not exactly the marathon pace for miles 5-9, but I definitely had marathon effort, The whole run can be found on strava.  I was a bit surprised by the absence of the water fountains on the Beach. At least in the southern 2.5 miles. I would assume this is a must for this type of location.

So if you want to do a 20miler, bring a lot of water with you!


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