The biggest performance cheat I know

The best way to improve your athletic performance is to take a vacation. Nothing providers more result than not going to work for a week. Not even a proper tapering.

On vacation you don’t have to limit yourself or plan anything specific to relax. You can do whatever you want: run, drink, walk the whole day exploring new cities, all these items together. It doesn’t matter. When you come back, you’re going to crush your first workout or race.

The solution has its limitations, as everything else. It doesn’t work for people, who don’t work. As one famous US marathoner said: “I will outrun any person on the planet who works full time”. ┬áIt only has been tested for people that work in the office. Probably it also applicable to anybody else, but I haven’t tried it.

It also has diminishing returns. You cannot go on vacation every other week and expect the same boost all the time. The rule of diminishing returns is applicable to any training technique or improvement. This makes training humans so challenging and interesting.

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