Apparently 100×100 is some kind of New Year swimming tradition. I guess a nice way to kick off a year. It means 100 times 100 yards in the pool. The ideal interval is, of course, 100 seconds, which makes i6 “100×100 on 100”. Every year there is such event in one of the Harvard pools in Boston, organized by Cambridge Masters Swim Club

I didn’t do it on 100 seconds, but rather on 110 or 1:50 min. Which was one of the slowest lanes in the pool. Every time I go to a swimming event, I feel deeply humbled. Those people are insanely fast!

The farthest I swam before that was 5K in a swimming suit and it was hard. So I was not sure I’ll be able to do 10K yards or 9.144 km. But doing it in intervals felt much easier than just swim the same distance non-stop. I practically haven’t drop my pace during all 3 hours, keeping 1:38-1:41/100 yards. 10 seconds rest was enough to grab a drink or suck in a gel.  The biggest issues were stomach irritation and slight nausea. I guess from consuming sugary substances while doing 300 flip turns in rapid succession.

I had 3 gels and 1.5 bottles of Gatorade, getting around 140 kcal/hour during the the whole 3 hour event.  Strava doesn’t show much for swimming events, here is the Garmin recording of ot

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