Snowboarding season open

Some of the White Mountains ski resorts are trying to open their seasons on Thanksgiving.  Usually it means one lift and a couple of slopes. Probably it is  for those people, who really want to stand on skis or a snowboard a little bit. Today is already a month and a half later and I couldn’t say the season has really started for me.

There were almost no natural snow and everything we got is artificial. One of the most convenient resorts with plenty of artificial snow  is Loon Mountain. It is less than 2 hour drive from Boston and has plenty of wide slopes. I had to go at least once before the real snowboarding vacation planned in Salt Lake City. I have to try to remember how to shave the slopes.

Yesterday I felt surprisingly fresh after an 18-miler, so I decided today is the day. Weather forecast promised rain and 44F in Lincoln, NH. I hoped the rain will turn into snow on the summit of the resort.

Well, it didn’t. The rain was so bad that they close the major lifts around 12pm. I managed to squeeze just 7 rides in the morning. However it felt surprisingly good. The snow was wet, but there were no ice. And I tried for the first time to ride with my glasses on. It is much easier, I don’t have to guess the small changes in the slope. Now I just can see everything.

According to Trace, my top speed was 24.2 MPH and 10-sec sustained speed 19.1 MPH. Far from my records, but for the first rides in a season it’s not bad.

Next week probably I’ll skip it and in two weeks I’ll be in Utah! I guess this will be the beginning and end of my snowboarding season this year.

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