Dancing around Boston winter storms

Boston just had its third snowfall yesterday. Still not a full blown storm that makes the roads unruneable. We were very lucky this time. A huge Hollywood-proportions storm hit the Eastern US, but this time Boston was out of the main snowfall. We had may be less than a foot last night and it will melt in a week.

This week I’m in Salt Lake City and there will be no snow on the city roads either. Plenty of that on the ski resorts, but in the city itself the roads will be free to run. Week 6 out of 18 will be done without treadmills or running on ice. I suppose to do 68 miles this week, including 21 on Sunday, when I will be back in Boston.

I feel close to 100%, may be 95%, still  have some remains of the flu I had on Tuesday. Yesterday 15-miler was about HR was 3 heart bit per minute higher than ideal, but overall pretty good.

Today a travel day and complete rest, no workouts at all, which is rare.


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