Snowboarding and high-altitude running. Day 2

Third day out of five of pure physical bliss! Snowboarding during the day and running during the evening.

I’m writing it in the morning of day 3. First two days were tough but I loved every second. Finally in the 5th season of snowboarding it actually feels like fun. I have horrible balance skills and it took me forever to learn to ride a snowboard. But this season I don’t think about risk of falling or  improving my technique, I’m just riding.

First day I managed to do 36 runs in Solitude, second – 33 runs, but much longer ones in Park City. My top speed was about 36mph and sustained speed 30.5 mph, all measured via Trace app

In the evening I had two pretty hard running sessions. Monday – 10 miles with 5 miles at Lactate Threshold, today – 14 miles aerobic run.  All in the altitude of 4200+ feet. Which is not much, but it is about 10-15 sec/mile harder to keep the correct pace.

HRV shows I’m tired and I might very well be. Today – just a recovery 5 mile run after a day in  Canyons, which is now a part of Park City. I expect to make even less runs, because Canyons is a huge maze of mostly ungroomed slopes. If I don’t like, I’ll go to the Park City part again.

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