This is actually harder than I thought

Ok, 5 days of physical bliss (153 snowboarding runs and 47 running miles in 5 days) was actually taxing.  I feel slightly tired and HRV shows a considerable decline in the form:


All runs last week happened at 4200 ft above the sea level. Predictably, resting HR, measured in the mornings, shows a sharp decline. After several days my body acclimatized and it is almost normal, but then the fatigue started to play its role

hr baseline


At the end of vacation I had a day of “rest”, which was actually a travel day. Travel days are not rest days, I know that. But well, sometimes you have to push yourself. After the “travel rest” day I had a 21-miler, which supposed to be the end of a 68-mile week. A record week for me, previous one was 65 miles/week. Well, it was hard, especially last 5 miles. The target for the second half was 7:32 min/mile, but I was able to do only around 7:45 min/mile keeping HR in the aerobic zone. Here is the Strava recording of the run. Long runs should not feel like this, the next one I should be able to finish without hard work.

Next week is a relatively hard one as well. It includes a track workout on tired legs, a LT-run in the middle of the week and a 20-miler to top it off. This is a good time to watch fatigue level and make sure all workouts are in the optimal zone.

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