Burned out during the swim

Today is supposed to be a rest day. Swimming in the morning  and 5 miles recovery jog in the evening. In the morning I  got burned out during the masters swimming workout. For about 40 min I was leading my lane with some moderately difficult IM-style intervals, some of them 300-yard long. And then the main set arrived and it looked like this:

  • 3 times over:
    • 2×200 on 3:00
    • 1×50 on 1:30 (rest)
    • 1×100 on 1:25 (kind of sprint)
    • 2×25 on 50 (rest)

The most difficult for me was 200s on 3:00. I barely did the first one on 2:55 and other swimmers were already touching my feet. And then just phased out. I did finish all 3 repeats swimming last in the lane. But I wasn’t even looking at time, I knew it sucked. Felt completely dead tired.

All this, of course, was expected. 3 days hard training in the row, no decent rest days for the last 11. Measured parameters show I’m tired, but not overtrained yet. HRV is low, 7-8, although improved from yesterday. Weight is stable around 153-154. Sleep is good. If nothing bad happens this evening, I’m still up to the LT-run tomorrow.

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