Halfway through the training cycle: 12MP test

I’m half way through the Pfitz 18/70 plan. Actually even more than half is done, the second 9 weeks will be easier. They will include one recovery week and three weeks of taper. So just 5 hard 68-70 mileage weeks.

Yesterday I did a monster long run: 16 miles with 12 miles marathon pace. The amount of elevation during the 12MP miles was approximately equal to the whole Boston marathon elevation.

I was not able to keep even 6:50 splits through the hills. The pace ranged from 6:40-7:27. Average pace 6:57, which is not very good. But GAP (gradient adjusted pace) according to Strava is 6:53. Which is kind of on target.

In general I’m happy with the first half of the training. Heartbreak hill is getting easier. I can conquer it from both directions running with my long ran pace. But MP or LT pace are still an issue.

BTW, Boston runners are still keeping their luck this winter. Today, Sunday, we have an arctic blast of -4F (-20C), but it is one day too late. Most of us finished the long run Saturday morning with sun shining and a comfortable 20F (-6C). I guess we paid for that last winter.

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