Rest week

Recovery is going very slow. By the beginning of next week I should be able to perform at my highest level. Next week starts the last and the longest mesa-cycle: race preparation. I’m going to have an interval ladder on Monday and 15 miles medium-long run on Tuesday.

I will be able to do both, that is not a question, but I want to do them properly. What does “properly” mean? The medium-long run in the middle of the week should not destroy, but feel like a normal workout.

Currently several indirect indicators show some level of fatigue. Morning HRV never reaches 9 anymore. It’s slowly improving, but very very slowly. Last week’s spinning session (60 min, 23 intervals of 60-90 sec) killed my hamstrings and I still feel it 3 days later. Some of the daily rhythms are┬ábroken. Laziness rises its ugly head and tries to ambush me in the morning. Something about dark and cold and wet.

All those things need to go. In order to feel fresh for the next week I am prepared to sacrifice cross-training workouts: masters swimming on Friday or/and cycling on Sunday.

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