Rest week end

It looks like 2 days of full rest helped.

  • HRV is back to normal, it was 9.0-9.4 after the rest days. Resting HR is still high, but I’m not sure which one is more relevant.
  • Weight is a couple of pounds higher than the race weight, but I specifically ate a bit more than usual to compensate the loss of last two weeks
  • Sleep is very good
  • I crushed a 15-mile medium-longĀ run yesterday. 7:28 average pace, some miles were close to marathon pace. All with average HR of 153fast 15miler

The only issue is the legs, that got quite beaten up after 15 miles. More than I expected. This may be the result of faster pace or the last symptom of the overtraining. In any case I’m skipping the spinning session today as well.

Overall this is how this rest week looks like on the PMC graph. Notice drop in red line at the end of the graph.

pmc graph rest week

Next week – full speed, 10 workouts, 66 miles of running. At the end I’ll try to run 22 miles from HopkintonĀ to Cleveland circle on the Boston Marathon route.

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