Tonight I woke up in horror. It was 3am, heavy rain, thunder and lightning. I am usually not afraid of rain. Or thunder. Or lightning.  Probably never was.

What I was afraid of is to run a tempo run in 2.5 hours in rain and thunder. And I am usually not afraid to run in rain. Or snow. Or whatever. In addition to that I was pretty sure there would be no rain or thunder at 5:30am.

When my alarm went off 2.5 hours later it was 60F (16C) outside and no rain. I was not able to stand up from the bed. The thought of selecting the right clothing was terrifying. And I’m never afraid of selecting the right clothes. Or wrong ones.

I am not particularly tired. My light chronic plantar fasciitis is improving the last couple of days (I think negative calf rises help).

What the hell was it then?! Probably a case of decision fatigue. Yesterday I had an intense day (unrelated to running) and this may be the cause.

So I didn’t run. I will do it in the evening though. Still on track for this week, 5 workouts out of 10 are done.


Update: Just crushed the tempo run! Average pace for the 7 tempo miles is 6:31!

tempo run 12mi

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