Negative Pa:HR

Week 2 out of 5 of the last meso-cycle is done. I’m still riding the power I got from 4 days of rest two weeks ago. Performance during all runs was very good. There were 3 long (-ish) runs last week:

14 mi. Pa:Hr -1.99%
13 mi. Pa:Hr -6.28%
18 mi. Pa:Hr 1.1%

Pace: Heart Rate shows the cardiac drift and it was negative during first two runs! It’s a bit of cheating because the first half of those runs was uphill with headwind and the second half – downhill with tailwind. But in general it shows a good aerobic form.

We are in March and in New England it means the worst part of the winter is behind us. There most probably will be no new snowstorms. But temperature is still low and it’s getting a bit old. I’m completely ready to start running in shorts and t-shirt again!

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