Final pre-race test workout

The best pre-race test workouts are the most specific to the race. What could be more specific to a marathon, than a long run? An MP (Marathon Pace) long run!

Last time, about a month ago I did a 12 miles MP run (16 overall). It didn’t go too good, I was almost there, but not quite.

Yesterday I did a 14 miles MP run (18 overall). Despite the facts that I felt sick this week (sore throat) and it’s a third peak volume week with 0 rest days, the test was a success! Average pace during the 14 miles was 6:50, right on target! In fact I just ran a sub 1:30 half-marathon in the middle of my long run with no tapering whatsoever.

It was very, very hard. I think I was not the the best shape, because even the first miles felt hard. Average HR was 168. This is still 10 bpm lower than threshold pace, but I’m not planning to run 3 hours in this zone!

So basically I’m ready. Another 2 hard weeks and then 3 weeks of slowdown. Next week will also have a lot of long runs as well as a 10K race (with a 17 miles on the next day)

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