HRV4Training and TrainingPeaks integration

Reading a newsletter from HRV4Training I just discovered the integration with Training Peaks. It was probably been there for a while, but I missed the announcement.

It is very good news, because I’m using Training Peaks as my main training log and it would be nice to have all data there. Now every morning, after I measure HRV and resting HR, it automatically gets uploaded to Training Peaks.

HRV4Training app also gets  the workout stress (TSS) from Training Peaks, so you don’t have to enter this information manually.

Plotting the HRV results I found a couple of interesting insights:

hrv and hr

The first couple of month of the marathon training program, that started in December, I was recovering perfectly. The snowboarding vacation (5 days of pure physical bliss) apparently hit me pretty hard and the baseline “HRV recovery points” fell from ~9 to ~7. I don’t know if it’s good or bad. May be I was undertraining before and only in February started to push myself properly. I’d need more training cycles to figure that out.


hrv weight

I also found out that my weight is inversely proportional to the recovery points. I don’t feel particularly fat although I’m 3-4 pounds heavier that a month ago. I think my body cannot just process all the food I’m shoveling inside. I need to do something with my nutrition in the next cycle.

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