Second 22-miler

The compound tiredness of the last weeks is still there. The second 22-miler in the row was much harder than the first one. Even before the start, I felt more tired than last week.

There were also several other adverse conditions: rain and unexpected 45 min worm-up brick, consisted of 3 mile bike and 1 mile run. Overall I was 9 sec/mile slower than last time. However the HR was also about 1 bpm slower. That means I simply had less fuel in the tank.

7:26/mile is still very good. For 3-hour marathon my average long run pace should be 7:45-7:50, according to Pfitz.

In the first week of taper I dropped 0.9 CTL or less than 1% overall. This probably explains why it doesn’t feel like taper yet. Next 2 weeks will be much much easier. Mileage will drop to 43 miles/week. The long run will be just 17 miles.

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