Nothing to report, just tapering

The last several blog posts and the next several ones will be quite boring. Taper is not the most exciting part of the training.

I feel my performance is increasing.

Monday’s 5 x 1 mile done with the marathon pace were very good. HR didn’t go higher than 150, which is technically a recovery rate. So at least some part of the marathon I’ll run with the recovery pace.┬áThis morning I did a monster 4K+ swimming session, which went relatively well. It was hard, but it supposed to be hard.

metrics taper

HRV recovery score is slowly growing. I wonder if it’s going to reach January averages of 9+ in the next week.

Weight is decreasing, which I think is a good sign. I was carrying too much literal shit in me the last weeks. Probably my digestion just couldn’t handle the food. If I will be 155 before the race, I’ll be thrilled. If I will be 153, I’d like to eat a bit more.

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