Physiological and psychological taper

Physiologically the tapering is going great. I’m crushing latest workouts. Well, what’s not to crush: 3 x 1 mile Marathon Pace or 7 miles recovery pace? 1000m swim under 1:30/100m? So, I’m pretty happy with taper progress.

Psychologically – probably not so much. I feel OK, but I think I’m over-stressed. Way too much excitement. I wish I can think about something else, but the race. Some of the objectively measured parameters don’t make much sense. HRV is down, way down.  Overall I don’t understand how to interpret HRV sometimes.  Weight is stable. I expected it to grow or go down in case I’ve overtrained, but it’s just stable around 156. Which could be a good sign. In any case, this graph loses me.

180 days metrics

Well, I guess I just have to let it go for the time being.

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