Transition period

The first week after the marathon went uneventful.

Physically I’m recovering very nicely. I did 2 runs: 6 and 13 miles, one swim and an 1-hour spinning session. I felt a bit tired at the end of the swimming session, but otherwise hit the targets.

The 13-miler on the 5th day after the race was a bit too much, probably.  I should have done 10. A couple of small muscles in calf and quad started to hurt afterwards. But they’ll be OK before the first quality workout tomorrow.

Emotionally I fill drained. Outside of running there is a certain amount of stress and in addition to that I never heard so many congratulations after a race. It’s all thanks to Boston, not to me, of course. During my previous marathon I communicated with pretty much the same people on daily basis and almost nobody cared about that race. This time everybody knows and cheers!

It is nice of course, but I better concentrate on the next cycle. Last week I wasn’t even able to start building the program for the half-iron in August. I have full 14 weeks of training. The next 3 weeks is a very short Base period, I think I’ll manage to be ready for the Build phase.


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