The worst week since 2014

Last week was probably the worst week since I had a¬†series of injuries after my second marathon. That time I remember I wasn’t able to walk to work and took Hubway.

This time there were no injuries, just flu. I wasn’t able to sleep properly for 4 nights. ¬†Every time after a marathon I tell myself: no quality workouts for 2 weeks. And every time I put some on the second week, I crash.

And indeed, this time, if I haven’t done that 2×2 miles, I would probably took less than 4 rest days.

In any case, this patch is through. I had a short recovery run yesterday and an FTP test today. My current FTP is 199W. The previous one was 186.

200 is not very high, but I didn’t expect it to be. I’ll try to bike 4 times a week from now on in order to improve it.

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