First long ride this season

It is still way to cold for outdoor rides, about 48F (+8C), but I couldn’t wait anymore. This is getting ridiculous, I had no outdoor rides since Timberman (August last year).

So today I did a 30-mile loop roughly following  Green Line Velo group ride loop. It was strange, it was slow and it was hard. Analyzing the data I can see that it was not a recovery ride at all.

outdoor ride

IF of 0.87 is not very high (aerobic rides suppose to have 0.75-0.85), but VI of 1.24 is totally out or proportion. I should have 1.05 maximum. This may explain a horrible Pw:Hr or 15%. On a 2-hour long run my cardiac loss is usually less than 2%.

Well, there is a lot of room for improvement.

Overall the first serious week of this cycle was tough. The reason, most probably, is the TrainerRoad 1-hour spinning sessions. The 3rd one totally killed me and I even couldn’t finish more than one 10-min “sweet spot” intervals. My legs reached the limit of recovery.  This is a good thing, it is good to push your limits during the training. And I had no mental issues with backing off for a day. This is the way I’d like to keep training.

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