Speed workouts

Last Monday I had one of the most crushing workouts ever. ¬†Crushing in a sense “hard to recover from”. After a fast (7:24/mile) and hilly (700+ feet) 13-miler on Sunday we had a relay-type speed workout on Monday.

Speed workouts are the worst to recover from and relays are even worse. I always have to push much harder if I’m a part of a team. Even if everybody knows it’s just a workout. We did around 12 or 13 200-meter dashes between two bridges on the Esplanade.

My legs were burning so hard afterwards that I couldn’t sleep. Which is probably bad. But on the next day in the evening I managed to do 3 x 12min “sweet spot” intervals. Which is probably good.

In any case the workout was probably quite beneficial for the leg strength.

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