Mashpee super swim: 1 year later

Yesterday I swam the Mashpee Super Swim 1 mile race for the second time.

  • 2015 result:  25:11
  • 2016 result: 29:34

Looks like a major WTF situation. I’ve spend all 52 weeks between the races doing master swimming program 1-2 times per week. I have progressed from “struggling on lane 4” to “leading line 4”. But this failed to translate to any long distance gains. This is a bit discouraging.

When I looked a little bit deeper, I found the situation is not that horrible. Most probably the course was much longer this time and I did made progress this year.

Here is the course in 2015, Garmin showed 1.02 miles

mashpee 2015 This is the course in 2016, Garmin showed 1.12 miles.

mashpee 2016

In addition to that I made a histogram of all 1 mile finishers. Red shows my position. My place changed from 34 to 30 and I’m much close to the pointed end of the pack.

mashpee histogram

This looks like some kind of progress. In any case I’m not really worried. I’m not swimming because I want to improve my position in races. I do it because I like it. Better place in AG will not hurt either.

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