Need to survive a moving week.

This week we’re moving from our condo in the center of Boston to a house in the west of Newton. In my planning I pretty much scratched this week off the calendar. However it looks like I will be able to squeeze some workouts in. The big packing started on Saturday and we supposed to fully finish the move by Thursday. Here is how it will look:

  • Yesterday I had a decent workout: 1 mile swim + 13 miles run.
  • Today of course, only packing.
  • I will try to do runs on Monday and Wednesday mornings and a swim on Tuesday.
  • Thursday is out of question again. The furniture will arrive at the new house.
  • I’m still not sure about Friday. First day commute to work. I suppose to do a swimming workout and a spinning session. May be just spinning.
  • But on Saturday/Sunday I plan to to double long workouts. I don’t have that many weekends left before 70.3, and I’ll have to use every one of them.
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