Misery Challenge or last brik?

Recovery from the Century Ride is going slower than I expected. Today is Wednesday and first time I had a quality workout: 8 miles with 6 miles at Marathon Pace in between. Assuming my Marathon Pace will be my race pace for the Half-Iron, this was actually one of the few race-specific workouts.

During the run my legs hurt a bit more than usual, but I was able to keep up sub 6:50 pace for all 6 miles. On the Newton hills. So, I’m pretty happy with my form.

This weekend is the last very hard weekend. I have planned a lot of running and a lot of cycling. It is the last hard weekend before taper.

Just two days ago browsing recommended youtube videos, I found a link to a very nice swimming race  – 3 miles Misery Challenge. Unfortunately it’s this weekend and I really don’t want to loose my brik momentum. So next year for sure.

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