Taper weekend

One week before the Half Ironman and it’s time to taper! I will write more detailed pre-race report at the end of next week, today just a short review of the taper weekend.

At this point in the training I need to make sure I’m not overtrained and ready to crush the race. Looking at the results of the 3 weekend workouts I’m moderately happy with my current state.  All three were relatively slow and well within aerobic zones:

  • 42 mile ride on Saturday. Average power 153. NP 185. Negative PA:HR! Well, the reason was mostly because the first part of the ride had the Intervale Road climb, and the second part did not. I averaged 250W on this almost 4 min climb.
  • 1 mile swim on Sunday. Just above 30 min, but I’m not sure it’s really 1 mile.
  • 10 mile run after the swim. This time I pushed a bit harder, but well within aerobic zone. Legs felt tired on uphills, but average pace 7:23 is encouraging.

The last week will have light workouts almost every day. 1 rest day is Saturday, just before the race. It follows the same aggressive methodology I used for Boston Marathon. It worked then, we’ll see if it’s going to work this time.


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