Ramp-up week

This week supposed to be a ramp-up week. The intensity and length of workouts don’t matter, I planned just to have workouts.

Of course, it didn’t go that well. On Monday I supposed to have a smaller version of 8-mile track workout. Just a 8-mile slow long run. Unfortunately my higher cognitive functions are not in the best shape this week. The loop I planned was a bit longer that 8 miles. It was 11.5 and I ended up running in the dark. Beacon street in Newton is not as good as Commonwealth avenue (Boston Marathon route) for long runs and contains more dark bushes.

I still fully intend not to screw up the transition period this time. So, easier workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tomorrow I’m going to try to do an FTP test.

I totally accept that I may not be able to push on a trainer as hard as I push outdoors. It doesn’t really matter what the absolute power values are as long as I distinguish between zones.

Or at least as long as I don’t have ability to produce power in any stable pattern.

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