Ramp-up week: FTP-test and a 5K swim

The week ramped up fast. And this time I didn’t get injured or sick or found myself in a mental dip. I would call it a successful transition period.

On Thursday I’ve performed another FTP test. This time I was able to push exactly how I supposed to: as hard as I can for 20 min. The power didn’t grow much, may be by 3-4watts. This means I probably haven’t left much during the first part.  Heart rate was 168-170, which is much close to what a lactate threshold supposed to be. It’s around 180 for running.

The new FTP value is 227, which gives me 3.1W/kg with my current weight. They say about 3.85 W/kg is optimal for age groupers, so I still have a long way to go.

A couple of hours ago I finished my second 5K swim. As usual with swims and triathlons, the conditions are different every time. The place is the same, but time the wind was much stronger and water much choppier. I feel like I was in a wrestling brawl, everything hurts.

My overall time was 1-2 minutes slower than last time, but I’ve place 30/49. Last time I was 47/54! So it’s probably an improvement.



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