1st build week: rest and century ride

The 1st week of the 1st build period didn’t start too good. I had many non-sport issues. They decreased all my abilities, including willpower and courage to face horrors. This resulted in a 2-day rest.  Yes, I had two full days of rest! Actually I also missed one more swimming workout, because I didn’t have a ride for the whole week. Anyway, life issues come and go and I found a way to deal with them. Just follow your plan, step by little step, even if you feel that the plan goes nowhere.

By the weekend some of the issues were resolved and I had a very nice weekend of training. A century ride on Saturday and 1-mile swim+13 miles run on Sunday.

I’m very happy with the century ride. I really wanted to finish under 6 hours and it proved to be an easy target to hit. Without Wachussett mountain in the middle, a century is actually not too bad. I almost hit 5:30 of moving time (5:33 to be precise), with an average moving speed of 18 mph. And this is on on old bike, which I’m hopefully going to replace next week. I’m really looking forward to see what kind of speed I can squeeze from a proper tri bike.

Of course a run on the next day was not my fastest. To be honest, I haven’t had 8 min/mile long runs since winter of 2015 probably. And the problem were the legs, not the cardio system or overall energy . On the hills the legs really hurt and I slowed down considerably. I think I just had a rare taste of what an Ironman run can feel like. It’s interesting.

Next week  – another attempt at a hard week, filled by workouts and toppled by a nice hard weekend. Lets see if I can manage it better.

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