Pitch Pine Tri and rest week

The last week was the easiest week in a while. I logged just about 4 hours of workouts, not counting yoga recovery sessions. So let’s call it a recovery week. I supposed to have one coming up, but I’m going to replace it with a long week, full of swimming and briks.

Pitch Pine Tri went well. My target was to hold NP of 210W, and I did 208, which is close enough.


It was not easy at all and I think this target is a bit above the mark. My legs definitively didn’t feel right on the run. I averaged 6:41/mile on the 10K run, which is fastest of all my tri’s. But I expected more on a flat course. I should have been able to squeeze something close to 6:20. New bike feels great, I really love it! It’s really smooth and the aero position doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Well, on a 1:20 hour ride anyway, I need to test it on a 3-5 hour ride first. For the first time I saw a VI index as low as 1:03.

Average pace was 20.5 mph, I might have hoped for something even faster, but it’s New England, so – hills.

I think the easiest gear is not as easy as the easiest one on my old bike, so I’ll have to work on my strength training.

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