New bike, first rides

Yesterday I had my usual 14-mile loop ride on the new bike.

The results are:

  • 5 PRs on Strava segments. And this is the loop where it’s not easy for me to get a PR, because I’ve done it so many times
  • +1 mile to my usual speed on the loop. Probably I can do better as soon as I get used to the bike

Well, those things are just to be expected from a faster bike. I feel surprisingly comfortable in the new, true  “aero” position. However I’m not sure I’m putting my head in the right spot. I think it should be lower that I’m keeping it right now. I’ll try to adjust during the next rides.

The easiest gear on this bike is not as easy as on my old one. So I’ll have to work harder on the climbs. On my favorite Intervale road climb I had to put almost 300W for a comfortable fast cadence.

I also need some time adjusting to the new front derailer. In some gear combination I start hearing some noises. In the worst case scenario I’ll bring it back to the store for a small free tune-up


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