A 14-hour week. First bike crush.

This week was one of the best weeks I ever had. 4 swims, almost 90 miles of cycling and 37 miles of running. The last workout was a 57mi ride +10mi ride brick, and it drained me completely. The weather made it even harder. I though by mid-September we’re done with humid New England summer, but apparently we aren’t. I hate running before the rain and that is exactly the weather I had during the run leg. I even had to walk the last hill. But the overall pace, including the walking part was 7:44 min/mile, which is very good for a brik run.

Next week I have the car for the first 3 days and will try to do masters swimming and Community Running workout tomorrow. It will depend on how my legs will feel (they are thrashed right now) and how my shoulder will fell (it’s sore right now).

So the shoulder is sore from a bike crush. It’s the first one I had since I started cycling in the US. I was riding downhill and a car was going really slow, apparently looking for a parking spot. At the end of the parking it accelerated a bit, and I started to push. A turn was coming up and I though the car will either turn or accelerate. Instead it did something unexpected for me: stopped completely. Actually what they wanted was to drop a kid to a school or something and were looking for a place to stop.

I am still amazed by the quality of my new bike. It stopped absolutely smoothly and soundlessly. And as a part of this smooth option, turned me over the handlebars and laid me on my back. Everything felt like a part of a plan. Here you go: emergency stop. I got a couple of scratches and hit my head a bit. I was surprised about how much the helmet helped. I’ve never hit my head on a bike before and were always thinking that helmets are BS. I don’t anymore. It was a good hit and my head felt nothing. All hail helmets!

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